How Do I Repair My Single Handle Kitchen Faucet ?

Every profession is necessary to the community. Experts can fix and replace things in minutes without causing any issues, but sometimes it takes more than just one call to get the professional to your place to tend to the issue. In few regions, it even takes days to the appointment, at times like that you have to suffer.

However, there is also another solution, let’s assume that you have the situation and you cannot wait for the expert to come down then you can do few things yourself. Household work is something every individual should know learn because it will always come in handy to learn it.

So today we will be covering the topic where you can Remove Moen Kitchen Faucet and replace it with the new one. It would hardly take few minutes to remove. The only issue you will have is to remove the nut from the bottom, which is the only tricky part and you need to take some time and be patient to remove it.

What we are going to teach you is to eliminate single handle kitchen faucet within in minutes. We suggest you take some time while removing it because there’s always a risk involved in plumbing work. You can do it yourself if you have patience. Let’s begin with the process.


  1. For starters, start by shutting down the water using valves, if that does not work out for then turn-off the main line.
  2. If you can see the screws which are holding the faucet, then make sure to remove it. After the handle is removed, you will notice that there are nuts and bolts. You can remove them directly because those bolts are the on holding the faucet.
  3. It’s time to remove the faucet from the sink. Now apply some pressure (Not that much) and try to pull the faucet out of the sink. It will take some time because sometimes the faucets can get jammed.
  4. If the faucet is not removing quickly, then you can use a towel and then apply some vinegar then wrap it. Let the vinegar to do it’s the job for an hour. After an hour you can take the towel out then start to pull the faucet out.
Precautions You Need To Take
  • Add a towel to the sink to prevent from damage and the screws will land on the towels.
  • Ensure that you are applying force to pull the faucet out.
  • When the faucet is jammed, then you can apply vinegar to the towel and wrap the faucet edges.
  • Remember, never use force to finish the job, or you may end up having more issues than before.
  • If things don’t work then, it is important to involve the expert.

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Removing the faucet is easy, but sometimes the faucet gets jammed, you have to remain calm and proceed. If you have any questions or suggestions to make, then you can comment below.